Plug-In on existing POS

Point Of Sale – Commercified!!

“Add Plug-In on your existing POS , Start issuing Digital Invoices & you are ready for Repeat Commerce on WhatsApp "

Seamless Yet Simple !

Fully Automated, ,Fast & Easy way to Go Digital!

Download Plug-In

Green Receipt Plug-in works with any existing Point of Sale Billing System

Issue Digital Invoices

Start issuing Digital Invoices to your “walk-in” customers and onboard them in your database Add Store & UPI details to get started and accept UPI to UPI payment within WhatsApp

Digital Catalogue Creation

Green Receipt automatically creates Online Catalogue & keeps price , SKU information updated using invoice data

Nudge Repeat Shopping with Curated Catalogues

Green receipts automatically & periodically nudges customers for repeat shopping using curated catalogue based on shoppers past purchases

Direct-To-Customer Channel

Green receipts establishes a DTC channel on WhatsApp for Engaging loyal customers with repeat shopping, chat, appointment booking , feedback & promotions

Hop on to India’s Digital Commerce Revolution

Green receipt automatically onboards merchant assortment on ONDC network. Customers on Buyer App’s like PayTM, PhonePe , Snapdeal etc. can shop and place orders with Green Receipt Merchants

Green Receipt: Most Intuitive & Convenient Interface

End-to-End Shopping within WhatsApp Interface

Easy Order Processing by Store staff on existing POS or on WhatsApp with local language options

Shoppers are Going Green, Are You?

Problems with Physical Invoices.

Get Lost

Shoppers misplace / forget physical invoices.

Become Invalid

Text disappears on Thermal invoices within 4-6 months.

Lose Track

Can't keep track of purchases / warranty etc. with physical bills.

❖ Shoppers stand to lose significant amount every year due to lost receipts unable to return / exchange goods & business claim’s / as they lose proof of purchase.

❖ Most shoppers find it cumbersome to store physical receipts and don’t find it at the time they need it or find it faded/ washed in laundry.

❖ Physical receipts also lead to missing out on warranties / reminders on maintenance etc.

Very Handy

With Green Receipts Shoppers have all this handy on WhatsApp itself.

Anytime Anywhere

Shoppers's access old invoices on cloud wallet via WhatsApp itself;

10 million
Trees cut for receipt paper

33.5-ton BPA to the environment in *US alone every Year .It takes 12 trees to make 1 ton of thermal paper

End up in a landfill, Non-Recyclable!!

Recycling thermal paper generates the largest source of BPA entering wastewater treatment plants, which is due to intensive water use during recycling and the free available chemical nature of BPA in paper coatings .

Invoices printed on Thermal Paper

Even in the digital age, paper receipts are still a part of the day-to-day purchases

Retail Receipts tested contain BPA or BPS

BPA is a “reproductive, developmental, and systemic toxicant”.

Paper based BPA Exposure to Shopper & Staff via Receipts

BPA coated on receipts expose Shopper & store staff to health issues including fetal development, reproductive impairment, type 2 diabetes, thyroid condition among other health issues.

Frequently asked questions

Different layouts and styles for team sections.

Can I see my old invoices?

Yes, all your invoices are available on your invoice wallet: once you log in you can see all invoices for last 1 year.

Can I download invoices?

Can I send query / feedback to store?

Is my mobile no. visible to store

Go Green With Green Receipt.

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