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Green Receipts

STOP carrying Toxins in your wallet! Bisphenol-A (BPA) “a substance that has harmful health effects on humans & animals” has been found lurking in the most unlikely of places — YOUR WALLET!
It takes 12 trees to make 1 ton of thermal paper: which are non-re- cyclable and end up in landfills further resulting in environment hazard - your retail receipts are now dirtier than ever.

Problems with Physical Invoices

Get Lost

Shoppers misplace / forget physical invoices.

Become Invaild

Text disappears on Thermal invoices within 4-6 months.

Lose Track

Can't keep track of purchases / warranty etc. with physical bills.

Go Green with Green Receipt

  • With Green Receipts you have all INVOICES handy on WhatsApp itself.

  • You can access old invoices readily on cloud wallet via WhatsApp itself; check promotions, give feedback and chat with store staff for information.