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Green Receipts

STOP handing Toxins to your Shoppers!
Send digital Invoices on WhatsApp to save costs, bill faster. Capture Shopper contact, continue conversation beyond purchase & re-engage the Shopper on WhatsApp.

Create Direct-to-Consumer Channel on WhatsApp

With Two-way API, you can now have conversations with loyal customers and re-engage to get them to shop again.

Save Costs

Thermal Paper is not just bad for environment, it’s bad for the bottom-line. Save cost by offering Digital Invoices to customers at check-out.

Faster Billing

Reduce wait time at check-outs by up to 20%. With no printing Green Receipt is the faster / quieter que buster option.

Go Green with Green Receipt

  • Send Notification on WhatsApp for Digital Invoices.

  • Allow Customers to directly chat with your Brand/ Store Staff/ Support & follow-up directly on WhatsApp.

  • Capture quick feedback on purchases with smiley and like / dislike buttons.

  • Reengage (with built in CRM) on WhatsApp and convert by re-directing shoppers on your website/ eStore for repeat purchase.

  • Send Marketing & Promotional Messages on WhatsApp .